About the Blue Griffin Foundation

The Foundation

The Blue Griffin Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2005 with a gift from the Santa Fe Community Foundation. Each year, the Blue Griffin Foundation honors one Santa Fe Prep senior with an award of $5000, to be used to further his or her education.

The Blue Griffin Foundation board is made up of students who have received the award in previous years. Upon accepting the Blue Griffin Award, the student agrees to become part of the board and to remain involved in the Foundation.

Current board members and past recipients are:

Tristan Love ’05 
Tristan Love is an award winning filmmaker and editor based in New York City and New Mexico. He received his BA cum laude in film from the College of Santa Fe, and studied at the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. His work has screened on television and in festivals worldwide including SXSW, Indie Grits Film Festival, 60 N Film Festival, The Santa Fe Film Festival, PBS, Cartoon Network and Canal+. Tristan has also worked and studied under filmmaking greats Terrence Malick and Jaromir Šofr. He is also a founding member of filmmaking collective Color Chart, a group based in NYC.

Maclovia Quintana ’06

MQ at 15

At age 15, I had just finished my first year at Prep. I had a group of new friends that I loved, and would spend my lunch hour laughing hysterically with them. I was a huge Lord of the Rings nerd, and I had purple streaks in my hair. I played volleyball very poorly. I loved reading books and writing English papers. I was very relieved to have just gotten my braces off.

Emily Louise Lodigensky M&E Photo Studio 2017

Now, at 29, after 10 years in New Haven, CT, I recently moved to San Francisco and started a job as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager at Earthjustice. I’m very excited to be doing job, as it allows me to continue the work I’ve dedicated my professional life to: ensuring that the environmental field is representative of and responsive to the communities who bear the brunt of environmental ills (primarily communities of color and low-income communities). Prior to this, I worked at Yale, where I also did undergrad and then received my masters from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. When I’m not at work, I sing and perform folk music from the Balkans, something I discovered a love for in college. I got married last fall in Nambe; in lieu of a first dance, my husband and I performed a song from Macedonia.

Ariana Throne ’07


At 15, I was catching critters in streams in Bio class, on the soccer and swim teams at Prep and interested in pretty much everything. I dreamed of being an actress and of travel. I could quote The Emperor’s New Groove (An animated Disney movie) front to back with sound effects, and I was finally settling into my groove at SFPrep. I loved my classes and friends, and even my teachers and four hours of homework a night.



Now, age 28, I have been to 43 countries, written and put on my own one-woman show about rape culture, taught and choreographed at Prep, can still quote The Emperor’s New Groove front to back with sound effects, and am living in Santa Fe as a free-lance artist. I have a BA in Political Economics and Arts for Social Change from The Evergreen State College. I am a body painter, actress, dancer, teacher, singer-songwriter and visual artist. I have dreams of creating my own Theater for Social Change company and of releasing my first album.

Kendall McCall ’09 – Secretary
Kendall McCall is a 2009 graduate from Santa Fe Prep. She graduated from the University of New Mexico in the spring of 2013 with a dual degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Strategic Communications and Psychology. Kendall spent her senior year working for the UNM Cancer Center where she focused her efforts in the marketing department. Kendall is excited to start working at a global investment banking, securities and investment management firm as a Business Analyst in Salt Lake City.

Christian Martin ’10 

At 15 years old, I was enjoying my last year of video games (high school at Santa Fe Prep was definitely a step up homework-wise). I wasn’t a very talkative person, was maybe 5ft 5in and wore bowling shoes to class. I liked getting cherry limeades and tater tots from Sonic if I had the chance or going to Jonny’s Cash Store to get tamales and those packaged pecan pies. I played JV basketball and Lacrosse for the school team. At home, I had a bunch of pets: 6 cats, 6 chinchillas, two hamsters, and a hedge hog. My family was split since my parents were divorced, but I was still pretty close to my parents and siblings. I really enjoyed cooking at the time and thought I was going to be a chef when I graduated from Prep.

Christian Martin

Now at 25, I am living in San Francisco and am the Director of Operations for two urban, small-sided soccer facilities called the Street Soccer Parks.  I also run a coffee mug business and motivational website on the side. I finished undergrad in 2015 from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor’s in International Business and Spanish. I then graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco in 2017.  I enjoy all types of music, food, and languages and have had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain and South Africa. I most value good conversations with people and giving back to others, and lately, I have been fascinated investigating the power of consciousness, prayer, meditation, and yoga.

Rob Weiner ’12 – President


At age 15, I loved to play basketball, be involved in theatre, hike the wondrous forests and deserts of New Mexico, hang out with my girlfriend, and read about ancient history. At Prep, I played on the junior varsity/varsity basketball teams, junior varsity soccer team, and ran the 800 in track. I also played the role of Stanley in the Neil Simon Play Brighton Beach Memoirs (my brother played the role of my dad in the play – what fun!) I hadn’t started meditating yet and had some anger issues. I loved school, but was also starting to get interested in partying. I think I wanted to be an ancient historian when I “grew up.”

Rob Weiner

Now at age 23, I am a Southwestern archaeologist living in Santa Fe with a particular interest in Chaco Canyon. I hold positions as a Research Affiliate at Brown University’s Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology and as a Research Fellow with the Solstice Project. I love being an archaeologist, which allows me to travel around New Mexico to document and protect the thousands of ancient sites in this fascinating state. I am also a dedicated practicioner of Tibetan Buddhism in the Shangpa/Karma Kagyü lineages at KSK Buddhist Center in Santa Fe, where I occasionally help run meditations. Other hobbies include hiking/camping/wilderness exploration, singing, kung fu, reading, writing, poetry, mythology, and dancing. Some of my heroes and main sources of inspiration (real and fictional) include H.H. the Dalai Lama, Zorro, Indiana Jones, and Sir Richard Burton. I graduated from Brown University in 2016 with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Archaeology and Anthropology.

Jake Lyon ’13 – Vice-President

Jake Lyon

At age 15, amidst my 9th grade year, I was still figuring out how to write a research paper, running JV cross country and track, and starting my first year on student council. My favorite subjects in school were science and history. Outside of class, I was heavily involved in a regional Jewish youth program, which helped me learn the value of community through weekend trips that involved community service and engaged discussion.

Jake Lyon

At age 22, I’m completing my senior year at Dartmouth College, majoring in Earth Sciences. I spend my free time exploring the outdoors of Vermont and New Hampshire, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and backcountry skiing. This past year I traveled with professors and fellow Earth Sciences majors from Banff, Canada, through the Rocky Mountain region of the US to the Grand Canyon for a geology intensive program with Dartmouth. I just completed a term on the directorate board for the freshman orientation program, which culminated in a month long stay in a cabin in northern New Hampshire, handling logistics for outdoor orientation trips and teaching kayaking to incoming students. I’m looking forward to my last year of college and entering a new career.

Gavyn Pendleton ’16 – Treasurer

Gavin Younger Photo

At 15, my obsession with many outdoor activities began to develop. I have skied my entire life, but I had just recently learned how to Kayak, and was enjoying mountain biking and backpacking more than ever. At Prep, I enjoyed my math and science classes and was on the fencing and lacrosse teams. At this point in my life was just beginning to develop my identity.

Gavyn Pendleton Blue Griffin Foundation

Now, just three years later, I am 19, and am a Freshman at Montana State University where I am studying Mechanical Engineering. My love for wilderness has only increased, and I have been able to take advantage of Montana’s vast wilderness areas and large mountains. I am still unsure what I am going to do once I graduate, but I am looking forward to finding work where I can use the skills I have learned while not forfeiting my time in the outdoors.

About The Scholarship:

The Blue Griffin Award is awarded to students who are passionate, self-aware, creative, and honest. Are you willing to act for what you believe in? Do you find yourself inspired by questions of purpose? Do you consciously seek answers to questions outside of the classroom? Do you find your energy and drive coming from a source within? If so, you may be who we are looking for. The award of the Blue Griffin Scholarship is based not on academic performance, but rather on a student’s thoughtfulness, awareness, and sincerity.

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